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BNI chapters in Tampa Bay

As a business owner, you probably fret a lot every day. If not, you are a very rare specimen! Building a business is not for the weak of heart as business owning and starting a business is a never-ending source of immense stress for most. You have to worry about customer acquisition, prices, products, payment processing, compliance, suppliers, and we’re just beginning to scratch the surface.

It can be quite disheartening to knock on doors and have doors slammed in your face. It can be beyond discouraging to make cold calls and get shouted at and hung up on over and over again. You spend your limited and hard-earned dollars on advertising, but the calls never come. At times, you might feel like giving up. Indeed, being an entrepreneur is hard!

BNI Chapters in Tampa Bay are All About Word of Mouth Business Strategy

Perhaps being a business owner isn’t as hard as we think it is. Perhaps we just need to adapt our strategies and attitudes toward business – perhaps. A simple yet overlooked business strategy that is as old as the concept of business itself is word of mouth. This business strategy is super-simple, and many falsely believe that, because it’s so simple, it can’t be real. But it is! What is the word of mouth business strategy?

Just make your customers happy, and your customers will rave about you to their coworkers, partners, friends, and family. Then, when these people have a need, they’ll think of you. They’ll call you, and you can make them happy, and then they’ll tell everyone. The process continues.

The word of mouth strategy is simple, and it really works! But how do you start generating word of mouth business regularly? How about joining a word of mouth organization? It’s called BNI (Business Networking International). BNI is the largest professional referral marketing organization in the world, and RGA Network has BNI chapters in Tampa Bay.

What is BNI and How Can it Work or My Business?

BNI has more than 150,000 members in more than 6,000 chapters in more than 50 countries that generate more than $3 billion in referral business each year. The philosophy of BNI is Givers Gain – if you give me your business, then I’ll give you my business. BNI is all about people helping people – business owners supporting one another. These are the core values and principles that RGA Network is built on, and that is why we proudly have BNI chapters in Tampa Bay.

Each week, the RGA Network BNI chapters meet and exchange business referrals. We have just one business representing each category in every chapter. This way, our members never have to compete for business -the business is all yours. It’s the same as having a virtual sales team working for you round-the-clock, all for a very low price! If you are interested in joining a BNI chapter in Tampa, you’re in the right place now! Contact RGA Network today.

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BNI chapters in Tampa Bay

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