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Business networking St Pete

RGA Network stands for ‘Revenue Generating Activities Network.’ RGA Network focuses on mastering the crucial steps that we all take throughout the course of each business day to generate revenue for our businesses. Knowing what to do and what not to do is key for businesses to succeed, and just as important; we need to know how to do the things that we need to do the right way. If you are going to participate in businesses networking in St. Pete; then shouldn’t you be a part of a network that adds value to your business and makes being a member worth your time?

All-too-often, business network meetings tend to be dull, boring, and non-productive; they often feel like more work than they are worth. Being a member is like having a second mortgage with no real measurable benefits. They become like another full-time job and zap the fun out of being there. That’s not the case with RGA Network!

What are the Benefits of Business Networking in St. Pete?

RGA Network hosts business networking meetings throughout the Tampa Bay Metropolitan area, St. Pete, Wesley Chapel, Seminole, New Port Richey, and other towns on Florida’s west coast. RGA Network is the number one source for business networking, providing immense value for our members at a price that simply can’t be beaten.

Not only are our business networking meetings extremely beneficial in terms of relationships, contacts, and referrals, but they’re also extremely educational, informative, and fun! For an incredibly low monthly fee, you’ll not only have access to these referral and lead-driving events, but you’ll also have access to hands-on training at RGA University.

RGA Network is an outside-the-box business networking platform that allows business people to meet and personalize their connections with their sales teams. At RGA Network, you’ll often hear us use the acronyms MOMs and DADs. MOMs stand for ‘Meetings Outside Meetings,’ and DADs stands for ‘Drinks After Dinner.’ These special events provide an ideal time for you to get familiarize yourself with your fellow networkers and choose the best local businesses to refer them to.

RGA Network Offers More to Business Networkers in St. Pete

One of the really cool parts about being a member of RGA Network is that you have access to RGA University, which we alluded to a moment ago. RGA University is the real deal and is not just a corny name we assigned to nothing. Every month, we bring you valuable educational material from experts in their respective fields. Whether it’s mastering the basics of Facebook, learning how to use LinkedIn to maximize your leads, or even how to use Excel to get the most out of your survey data; RGA University is always putting out new, highly valuable information for our members.

If you are interested in participating in business networking done the right way, contact RGA Network today. Get more out of your network and increase your bottom line in a fun, creative, collaborative, and learning environment.

Business networking St Pete

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Business networking St Pete

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