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Local Search Marketing

Six Tips For Local Search Marketing

Marketing is a major part of any business regardless of its size and location. Over the years the internet has given businesses the opportunity to reach customers across the globe. However, most small or medium-sized businesses are primarily interested in serving local customers and increasing their brand visibility within their own area.

Local search marketing is the most efficient way to drive foot traffic to your local business and ensure that you appear in the search results when people within your area need your products and services.

How can you get your local search marketing to work for you? Consider the tips below;

1) Take Advantage of Social Media

While it is true that Google drives local search, social media is fast becoming a powerful marketing tool. Every day people spend hours on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter searching for information and connecting with friends. Besides being inexpensive, social media allows you to reach your target audience in an instance.

2) Use Google Adwords

With Google Adwords’ Location Extensions, your business listings will show up every time customers searched for your product or service. You can include your business name, address and customer care contacts to your ad.

3) Get Online Listings in Local Directories

There are some local directories online that offer linking opportunities and business listings. Once your business is listed on such directories, your local customers can easily find you.

4) Get Your Customers To Review You

Customer feedbacks contribute to the growth of the business. Many local directories give customers the opportunity to submit reviews for all types businesses. If you want to attract local business, encourage your customers to drop their honest reviews on these websites. A recent study revealed that a considerable number of buyers go to the online review section before making a purchase. Online reviews serve as social proof of the authenticity and effectiveness of your products and services. This would eventually drive more customers to your business and even improve your position on Google search engine results page.

5) Geo-Target Your PPC Ads

By Geo-targeting your PPC campaign, your ads can only be seen by searchers using location-modified keywords and those with IP addresses in your service area.

6) Get Active in the Community

There needs to be a synergy between your online world and your offline world. Your local search marketing strategy must be able to marry the two worlds to produce better results. Being active in your local community helps to increase your online visibility and your sales. You can choose to sponsor local events or sports teams and participate actively in local events. That way, more and more people within your community can learn about your brand, use your products or services, share their experience online, post a review and even hit ‘like’ on a post. Customer interaction and online engagement help to build your referral network, attract the attention of Google and other local media outlets.

With great local search marketing, your local business can grow, and your customers can easily have access to your products and services.


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